The Day the Colors Left is a lyrical picture book written by Molly Rideout with illustrations by Elizabeth McClellan. The book is as of yet unpublished, but you can read an excerpt below.

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"The blues were the first to go on the day it rained. They didn't go the way I expected, with a bang or a bark 
or a thanks-for-all-you've-done. It simply rained. And the rain took the blue from the flowers and the berries and the birds and the sides of houses. It took the blue as one would take grandmother's mink stole out of the closet. It put the color on. It wore it. And went on its merry little way. The rain wore blue right down to its threads."

"I had all but forgotten about green by the time it left. It's a funny thing to forget about, I suppose, what with the grass lawn and the broad-leafed trees. But it was the background, the chorus line, the color always underfoot. From our perch at the dining room window, the cat sideways on the sill and I resting on a wooden chair, we watched without knowing exactly what we were watching as the last of the landscape rinsed away. When I looked at Martin I saw the emerald hues of his narrow cat eyes rolling down a furry face. His irises drained dry, leaving only the specks of black."