Molly Rideout has published both fiction and nonfiction in a variety of print and online publications. Click the titles below to read the piece or learn where you can buy a copy of the work. She has also self-published a number of stories in zine form.

Publications | Publicity


In Memoriam” (Fiction). Mississippi Review. Issue 47: Winter/Spring 2019. Print.

The Metairie Loop” (Fiction). Tampa Review. Issue 57/58: 2019. Forthcoming.

"How to Field Dress A Pair of Turkeys at a New Orleans Transient Camp" (Nonfiction). Cicatrice. Nov 2017. Sheffield University, UK. Online.

"Selections from A Midwestern Elegy" (Fiction). Rootstalk, Vol. 4, Issue 1: Fall 2017. Grinnell College. Print & Online.

"Selections from A Midwestern Elegy" (Fiction). Wapsipinicon Almanac, No. 24: 2017. Print.

"Hands" (Fiction). Flyway: Journal of Writing & Environment. Iowa State University. Spring 2017

"Flood" (Fiction). Cahoodaloodaling. Issue 19. 2016 Online.

"The Day the Colors Left" (Fiction). The Gateway Review. Vol 2 #1: 2016. Print.

"Iowa's Already Got Those" (Fiction). Wapsipinicon Almanac. No. 22: 2015. Print.

"Death on the Health Insurance Marketplace" (Nonfiction). Front Porch Journal. Issue 30. Texas State University. Fall 2015. Online.

"There Are Ghosts in This House" (Nonfiction). Embodied Effigies. Spring 2015. Print.

"Lost: Virginity" (Nonfiction). Clare Literary Magazine. Cardinal Stritch University. Spring 2015. Online.

"Corn Plots" (Fiction). Bluestem. Eastern Illinois University. March 2015. Online.

"This is The Part Where We Save The Earth" (Essay). Mapping Residencies. Vol 2: Networks. SPAIN. March 2015. Published in English and Spanish.

"Super Bug" (Fiction). Marathon Literary Review. Issue 7. Arcadia University. February 2015. Online.

Poisoned Rum” (Nonfiction). Dirty Chai Magazine. Issue 4: Love Child. Fall 2014. Online.

The Great River Road” (Fiction). Prairie Gold: An Anthology of the American Heartland. Ed. Lance Sacknoff & Xavier Cavazos. Iowa City: Ice Cube Press, 2014. Print.

Due Date” (Fiction/Visual Art). Driftwood Press. Vol. 2.  2014. Print. (Pushcart nomination)

Nuclear Iowa” (Fiction). WarBing Magazine. Vol. 3. 2013. Print.

 “Cultivating Ecological Themes in Art” (Essay). Alliance of Artist Communities. Dec 12, 2013. Online.

The Bored Child” (Essay). Cooler By the Lake: StoryStudio’s Online Magazine. Nov 2010. Online.

The Ghost of Mears Cottage” (Fiction). Grinnell Magazine, Spring 2010. Print.

"Leaving Wisconsin for the First Time.Wisconsin Women Magazine. December 2006. Print.

Freelance articles. Wisconsin State Journal. 2005-07. Print.



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