Photo credit: Andrea Melendez/Register Photos

Photo credit: Andrea Melendez/Register Photos

MOLLY RIDEOUT is a fiction and nonfiction writer who focuses largely on themes of the rural Midwest and collective living. She writes in a variety of genres including literary fiction and nonfiction, children’s literature and memoir. In 2014 her visual art/fiction piece "Due Date" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her story "The Great River Road" won the Henry York Steiner Memorial Prize for Short Fiction and was published in Ice Cube Press's Prairie Gold: An Anthology of America’s Heartland in 2014. Other publications include Front Porch Journal, Wapsipinicon Review, Bluestem, Marathon Lit Review, Embodied Effigies, and Driftwood Press.

Visual elements of narrative stories are very important to her work and often feature interdisciplinary collaboration. Her ongoing project, "Public Writing, Public Libraries" includes new writing installed in 13 Iowa libraries.

As Executive Director of the national artist organization Grin City Collective, based in Grinnell, Iowa, Molly leads a variety of collaborative social practice art and community engagement projects in the region. Details of her work can be found on her projects page and on Grin City's website.

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